Turtle's Bed and Biscuit

If you're on vacation shouldn't your dog be too?

Our Guests

We all need a vacation to get away for some relaxation and pampering and there's no reason your dog shouldn't enjoy themselves too. We all believe our dogs are cherished family members so your vacation will be more enjoyable knowing your pup is enjoying themselves too. If your dog is well socialized, fully immunized, and weighs 60 pounds or less, I would love to meet them!


At Turtle's Bed and Biscuit I have over 10,000 square feet for sniffing, fetching, snuggling, and playing. I believe in sending my guests home both mentally and physically contented so I take an active role interacting with each dog; adjusting to their specific play and learning styles. Some love to romp and let loose and some just want to relax and be pampered. 

More Play

In addition to free time, I also have structured play with an agility playground for pups over one year old. While I'm not a trainer, I have trained my own dogs basic obedience, tricks, and agility. I have found that working with energetic and timid dogs alike, not only tires them out but can also improve their confidence and self esteem. 


Resting between playtime is also important so there are plenty of snuggly places for your pup to catch a few zzz's. Whether she likes to snuggle with her new friends or prefers some quiet time alone, I can accommodate all personalities in my kennel free environment. I encourage leaving your dog's favorite bed or blanket to add even more comfort and security. 

Personal Touch

When your dog visits Turtle's B&B, I want them to feel like the special guest they are; think of me as your dog's personal concierge. Because I keep my guest list small, I'm able to give everyone the special attention they deserve. Wholesome homemade treats, preparing special diets, text, photo, and video updates are all provided as part of my top notch service. 

Seniors and Special Needs

All dogs are special but there is a warm place in our hearts for seniors and those with special needs. Dogs bring so much to our lives so I believe they deserve all the extra attention, patience, and love they need to make their golden years comfortable. 


Keeping your dog safe while staying at Turtle's B&B is a priority. In addition to fully fenced front and back yards, the entrance into the property is double gated for those quick and clever escape artists. Also, my home has been designed with not only your dog's comfort in mind, but also their safety. You can rest easy knowing they're secure from escapes and mischief.  

Tel: (530)957-4554

Placerville, Ca

California licensed and insured

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